Mantic Games previews the Corporation

By TGN Ross
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Jan 28th, 2012

Mantic Games previews their new faction, the Corporation.

From their announcement:

The Corporation are the latest addition to the Warpath range of Sci-fi miniatures from Mantic Games and this Dossier – exclusive to the Mantic Games Newsletter – is your go-to guide for the Corporation, containing background, a short story, unit descriptions, a colourphoto gallery of the new models and
even a 1000 point sample army list!

Check out the PDF Here!

  • I really like the look of these sci-fi models. I think they look great.

  • warpcrafter

    I await a look at the powered exoskeletons and tanks. That will perhaps change my mind. So far they are meh.

  • Veritas

    These are what I wish the Imperial Guard looked like. I’m not a fan of Mantic’s sci-fi so far, especially the goofy looking vehicles, but I might start an army of these guys.

  • JRacel

    While the new Corporation troops look pretty good, I can’t get past the fact that they have no leg armor at all, not even knee pads. Most modern troops have knee pads today and you would think that a little armor around the groin might be a good idea. I know you can make a lot of arguments for it’s in the future and they have hi-tech fabrics that work as armor etc, but if that is the case, why do they have so much armor on the upper torso and nothing on the lower. Just seems strange and makes the figures look unfinished.


  • n815e

    Knee pads are not armor but for protecting your knees when you go down on them just like any sports knee pads. Battlefield terrain is rough.

  • Wow, did you read that Dossier? Ronnie Renton sure has some bitterness towards the ‘Corproation’… lol Not very thinly veiled Ronnie. Not at all!

  • JRacel

    I realize that the knee pads are not armor n815e , many years of playing scenario paintball made sure to drive in the importance of knee pads, but that is my point, with all the other expensive gear you would think they would at least have knee pads.

    • Soulfinger

      The Corporation kneels to nobody! Either that, or they’ll address the issue when they release the Corrupt Quartermaster model who comes packaged with a pile of misappropriated knee pads.

  • scarletsquig

    These look great, and if you buy an army box, they’re roughly the same price as wargames factory.

    I’m sold.