Mantic Games preview Dwarf Berserker

Mantic Games have posted a preview of a work-in-progress version of their 28mm Dwarf Berserker figure.

Berserker WIP
Berserker WIP

From their announcement:

We’ve teased, we’ve tempted, we’ve even included them in our new Dwarf King’s Throng army deal (10 of the little blighters too.) – but today we’re going to show some sculpts.

This shot is an early-days WIP of the metal Dwarf Berserkers – just to show you how they are shaping up. Remy has been working exceptionally hard on these, and it’s really showing through in the sculpts. These are going to be the baddest Dwarfs on the block and, when armed with their twin axes, even the ghouls (maybe the zom… oh, not just yet…) had better watch their backs.