Mantic Games Posts Gen Con Specials

Everyone’s chomping at the bit to get to Indianapolis and get Gen Con started. Much of that is because of all the cool special deals, pre-releases, and show exclusives that’ll be available. Mantic’s going to be there. And they’re letting you know what sort of specials they’re going to be running.

About the specials:

We’re at Booth #835 and we’ll be carrying the following show exclusive products (Excl.) and pre-releases (Pre). Lee & Clementine are strictly limited to 2 per customer. Wave 3 products are up to 2 months

[Excl.] Lee & Clementine
[Excl.] The Walking Dead: All Out War – Kickstarter Edition*
[Pre] Safety Behind Bars
[Pre] Michonne
[Pre] Rick, Prison Advisor
[Pre] Andrea, Prison Sniper
[Pre] Morgan, Distraught Father
[Pre] Glenn, Prison Guard**
[Pre] Maggie, Prison Defender**
[Pre] Roamer Booster
[Pre] Deluxe Mat – Prison Grounds

*- The Walking Dead: All Out War core game; Days Gone Bye; the Andrea, Lori, Shane, and Carol Boosters; Kickstarter exclusive Negan, Michonne, Abraham, ‘Ronnie’ Walker Sheriff’s Badge, and Police kit-bag models
**- Retail Exclusive

To close out today’s blog, we’ll give you the Booth Deals we’re running over at #835 for every Gen Con attendee:

Buy 2 Warpath vehicles and get cheapest half price
$50 The Walking Dead: All Out War deal: core set + any 1 Booster
$100 The Walking Dead: All Out War deal: core set + any 1 Expansion + any 2 Boosters
$180 The Walking Dead: All Out War Wave 3 bundle deal***

***- Safety Behind Bars Expansion; The Michonne, Rick (Prison Advisor), Andrea (Prison Sniper), Morgan (Distraught Father), Glenn (Prison Guard), Maggie (Prison Defender), and Roamer Boosters; and the Prison Grounds deluxe mat


  • Davos Seaworth

    I like Mantic, and I like their Walking Dead All Out War game, but keeping up with these waves of content really drains the wallet. I mean, $180 just for the wave 3 bundle! And that’s after shelling out the same amount for each of waves 1 and 2. And that’s just for the storyline up to the prison! There have to be at least 5-7 waves left. We’re talking Magic The Gathering levels of dollar outflow here.