Mantic Games looking for Graphics Design Intern

By Polar_Bear
In Magazine/webzine
Jan 15th, 2014

Mantic is looking to add a new Graphics Design Intern to help them work on various projects.


From the announcement:

This is a fantastic opportunity to join Mantic’s Marketing and Design Team. This new role calls for an enthusiastic, talented Graphic Designer to join us on a 3-month internship within the company.

The successful applicant will play a key supporting role in the Marketing and Design team, working with Web and Marketing Co-coordinator and the in-house Graphic Designer to create eye-catching point of sale displays, packaging and web images. Your work will be the first thing the customer comes into contact with, and we’re looking for someone with the skills to create quality, attention-grabbing graphics to tight deadlines.

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  • surprize

    This looks an awful lot like an unpaid position. If so shame on Mantic for acting like a leech on the hopes and dreams of young graphic designers. Would be nice if Mantic could clarify this as no salary mentioned in ad.

    • 4tonmantis

      Unpaid internships are now illegal in the US.. it’s kinda hard to imagine the UK wouldn’t be similar..

  • dayglowill

    Not paying at least the minimum wage to interns (or anyone else working for you) is legal in the UK only in very limited circumstances. This particular vacancy does not appear to be exempt from the minimum wage.

    I too would appreciate some clarification from Mantic, perhaps it never occurred to them to reassure people that they are indeed paying wages. Regardless of legality, unpaid internships are vile, exploiting those who take them, and excluding those who are too poor to take them on from their chosen career.

  • Black Nexus

    Or, it gives a college/uni guy with no experience a chance at getting on the job ladder.

    Mantic’s web guy started as an intern… 5 years later and he runs their kickstarters and website.

    • dayglowill

      A paid, temporary, job would give that “college/uni guy” (why not a gal?) exactly the same chance of getting on the job ladder, it would also give the same opportunity to people who simply cannot afford to spend 3 months working for free, and it would be both legal and right.

      If Mantic’s current “web guy” started as an intern, and that led directly to being employed by them, then my understanding is that minimum wage rules apply to the period they were working as an intern.

      I do hope that I am misinterpreting the advert and that this is a paid position.

    • Ghool

      Yeah. Just subject yourself to slavery for a few months to launch your career.
      It seems worth it to me, especially when one is also trying to pay student loans, and y’know….live.

      • 4tonmantis

        I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic (it’s the internet..) but the other side of this is companies using unpaid interns for positions that should be going to people who have trained and had experience. Companies are doing this for art now more than ever.

        • Ghool

          I’m being sarcastic.
          I knew I should have added a /sarcasm there.

          But, this is the reason I didn’t get a job in my chosen field after college. I refused to work for free for several months first. I guess expecting people to pay rent to get their foot in the door is asking too much.

          And yeah, that was sarcasm too. 😛

          • Ghool

            I guess expecting people to pay rent ‘while trying’ to get their foot in the door is asking too much.

            I wish we could edit.