Mantic Games is Offering a Free Corporation Dossier

Mantic Games is giving away something free on the newsletter every month and January is the turn of the new Corporation Dossier:

From their website:

A Mantic Dossier is a top-secret document and your guide to a new release with some colour pics, some concept art, some background text and, well, whatever else we think is cool! Given that the first one will be Corporation, you’ll definitely not want to miss it!

The Dossier will be released exclusively in our newsletter on the 27th January – sign-up now to get all the latest news and your exclusive free gift!

  • Is there some magic way of getting the news letter? Cause I’ve signed up 4 times and nada, zip, zero and nothing ever comes.

  • Darsc Zacal

    I remember when the Mantic Newsletter first started, a few folks had some problems signing up. Have you tried using the Contact Us tab on Mantics site and giving them a heads-up?

  • I’m signed up and only get it about 50% of the time.. make sure you add them to your contacts though so it won’t be eaten as spam..

  • Osbad

    Yup spam filters are your enemy with regard to Mantic newsletters!