Mantic Games Dwarf King’s Hold Ancient Grudge Pre-Order Information

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Dec 10th, 2011

Mantic Games announces Dwarf King’s Hold Ancient Grudge now available to pre-order:

From their website:

Dwarf King’s Hold: Ancient Grudge is the expansion to the acclaimed Dwarf King’s Hold: Dead Rising and Green Menace dungeon crawler board games and is now available to pre-order.

Featuring true multiplayer madness, five new troop types, two new rooms and a host of plastic miniatures, Ancient Grudge expands the Dwarf King’s Hold experience to new heights.

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  • Quirkworthy

    Note that it’s 5 extra troop types for each of the 4 races, so 20 in all 🙂

    • winter

      Looking at the link, it says:

      •1 x Metal Berserker Lord
      •3 x Plastic Undead Zombies
      •4 x Plastic Undead Ghouls
      •2 x Plastic Dwarf Ironwatch
      •2 x Plastic Elf Scouts

      So it’s 12 figures total.

      • Darsc Zacal

        I believe Quirkworthy was talking about there being rules to play 20 new troop types in Dwarf Kings Hold and not about what or how many miniatures were in the box.

        • Quirkworthy

          Exactly so. The brief write up in the headline says 5 new troop types, when the reality is rules for 20 new types of adventurer. I was just trying to correct this. Sorry if it was confusing.

          The model count is a different matter, and is as winter lists.

    • Dead Kennedy

      Are the rules/point costs for skeletons, shieldbreakers and other established troops in the expansion?