Mantic Games Corporation Marines Now Available for Advance Order

Mantic Games announces Corporation Marines are now available to pre-order as a twin-pack, containing two units of 10 Marines armed with Rifles:

From their post:

that equates to £12.50 for 10 Troopers! Also included in the box are extra bits to build a Commander with pistol and energy fist, and an array of special weapons.

The Corporation are released on the 26th March.

  • pagumb

    Too bad they have not loaded the pictures on their site. Look like they would make good drop troops or maybe arbites.

  • phoenixman

    er… will the other well known sci-fi model/games maker please make note of the cost per figure ratio, and it’s about time someone from this company actually told us gamers WHY their stuff is so much more expensive than everyone elses.

    i know the models are good, but come on everybody else aint that far behind in quality.

    i dont play fantasy or sci-fi from this or other companies but if i did i would buy from Mantic and use for their rules and the other companies.

    sold my stuff over a year ago as dont like the new rules and the cost was getting silly and is still going that way IMHO

    • Gailbraithe

      GW’s models are so expensive because of the GW stores. Most of the stores don’t make enough money to cover the costs of keeping them open and are run at a loss. The cost of keeping the stores open is worked into the cost of the miniatures.

      That means that if you don’t use the stores but buy the miniatures, you’re getting less than full value for your dollar.

  • I stopped buying GW a long time ago. When I saw the price of these at ~$20 USD I thought it was expensive.. then I checked on the IG 10 man boxes.. sheesh..

  • twolf29

    From my perspective in retail, I think Games Workshop realized a while ago that there’s a certain percentage of their customer base that will always buy their products, regardless of any factor like price. I’ve seen customers who will complain about prices and then buy literally fifteen hundred dollars of GW product in one go. If GW was actually charging more than the market will pay then their products wouldn’t sell.

    If that last statement made your head hurt, may I suggest some of the fine alternative products seen above 😀

    On topic though, I’ve been looking forward to this range and they look quite nice. I do wish that there were more images available, the larger versions of the pictures on their site are inexplicably unavailable. I think one of the biggest upsides to the Mantic figures here is that they’ve already lined up additional options like support weapons and specialist units, instead of just releasing basic infantry.