Mantic football challenge

Mantic Games have extended their World Cup offer.

From their announcement:

So, we are all getting a little football crazy at Mantic, as you may have seen – and this all started with a 10% off deal that ends when England get knocked out of the World Cup..

Our US brother in arms on Facebook quickly pointed out that would be Saturday (when USA play England). During all this friendly banter I replied that Mantic would give all US customers another 10% discount for 24 hours for every goal America scored against England..

I am very worried if it is a 9:9 draw.

So, check back after the game, and any US orders in the following 24 hours will have a special code to give extra discount equal to the American goals. I am starting to get rather worried.

Good luck everyone – a goalless draw would be a fair result all round, surely?


The USA scored a goal against England, and a screamer it was too. So, Mantic owes a 20% discount code to our American brothers:

Here is is: USASCORED

Anyway, this code is valid of any order placed in Dollars on the Mantic site for the next 24 hours. Well done, and thank goodness it was not an 8 goal thriller!