Mantic Dwarf Heroes now available individually

Dwarf KingMantic Games have made their 28mm Dwarf Hero figures available for individual purchase.

From their announcement:
We have had loads of requests from you guys asking us if it was possible to pick up a specific Dwarf Hero, well now you can pick all 4 heroes individually on our website.

All good armies are lead by the best generals and his trusted Lieutenants. Dwarven Kings are inspirational leaders and masterful tacticians, who inspire their men by leading from the frontline, earning their respect and loyalty, and forging the dwarven battle lines into an elite fighting force.

Berserker Lords are fierce and brutal warriors, who are viewed with fear and awe in equal measure. They are always found in the thickest of fighting, slaughtering their way through the opposing force, seeking out the enemy’s most powerful combatants for a worthy challenge.

Warsmiths are trusted lieutenants, who ensure the King’s orders are followed to the letter, leading by example. These dwarves are exceptional fighters, and are astute at leading their men in a well co-ordinated battle-line.

The King’s Army Standard Bearer is hand-picked to display his lord’s heraldry, being chosen based on his valour and fighting prowess shown in the heat of battle. This proud warrior will protect his lord’s Standard with his life, he would die before he allows the standard to fall.