Mantic Dwarf Army Set now available

Mantic Games are now selling copies of their 28mm fantasy Dwarf Army Set.

Dwarf Army Set

From their announcement:

Today is the day, the Dwarf Army Set officially goes on sale.

So for all of you who have already pre-ordered your army set, yours are being sent out as we speak. If you haven’t already bought the set, don’t worry you can buy it now.

Just to remind you what you get in this fantastic box:
There is a horde of 40 Dwarf Ironclads, 30 Dwarf Ironwatch, 2 Ironbelcher warmachines and 15 Dwarf Shieldbreakers, as well as a copy of the Kings of War ruleset, a Dwarf Poster Guide and a bucket load of Mantic Points for good measure. The Dwarf Army Set has an amazing price tag of only £45/€55/$75 on it too.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up yours today.