Mantic Clearance Sale Happening Now

Warehouses are not infinite in size. They can, and often do, get filled up with things. This can be a problem when you’ve got a bunch of new, cool things you need to store in it. Mantic is running into that problem. Their warehouse is full, but they’ve got a bunch of new games on their way. That means they need to make some room. That’s good news for you.

Currently, Mantic has a bunch of their games on sale right now over in their webshop. Do you want to get some of their Mars Attacks, Warpath, or Kings of War armies at a reduced price? Now’s the time to go take care of that.

This is a limited time offer. If you want your figures, you’d better order now.


  • Davos Seaworth

    It always seems like Mantic has about 792 things going at any given time. Introduce this, Kickstart that, discontinue this thing over here, announce V2.0 of that thing over there. Always active, always planning.

    • DB

      Better or worse than Spartan Games? 🙂

      • Davos Seaworth

        lol, they are kinda neck-and-neck in this regard.

  • palaeomerus

    Mantic kicked up their store prices a bit so I don’t impulse buy them so much anymore.