Mantic Announces Dreadball 2.0

For all that I report on them, I’ve actually only pledged for four total crowdfunding campaigns. One of them was for the original Dreadball game. What can I say? I was drawn in to the theme (having been a hockey goalie for quite some time) and liked the look of the minis. Though, I have to admit, after a couple plays, I realized it wasn’t entirely for me (not that it was a bad game, but not every gamer is going to like every game). Well, that might be changing as Mantic has announced a new edition of the game will be coming out.

So, what can we expect from this new version? Well, there’s going to be more streamlined rules. There’s 6 seasons worth of Dreadball out now, and trying to keep it all straight and collected is difficult. The new book will bring all those together. There’s also a new League System. It’s entirely new, starting over from scratch. Mantic’s also being sure to listen to us, the players, and updating things like Jacks, Giants, and MVP players to be more central to the game. Also, all of the teams are getting a rebalancing to make sure that the figures you bring to the table have just as much a chance as your opponent’s.

Like Kings of War, there will be a mini-Kickstarter campaign to usher in the launch of this new edition.


  • Davos Seaworth

    Kings of War, Dreadball, Deadzone, all recipients of recent 2.0 facelifts. I like Mantic as a company, but sometimes I wish they could focus on getting one product done properly from end-to-end before taking the whole box of Legos and throwing them up in the air and declaring, “GET READY, SUPER AWESOME NEW THINGS INCOMING NOW!”

    • porkchop28

      Kings of War V2.0 I picked up after seeing the demise of WFB.. Warpath I’m avoiding, although Deadzone V2.0 seems like a very good and quick game.. not similar to original Deadzone in many ways though… Dreadball needs a clean up.. but I don’t exactly know what a V2.0 will bring.. there are so many teams it is hard to imagine adding more… the only thing I could see (but don’t imagine will happen) is hard plastics for some of the earlier teams like Corporation (male & female), Orx & Goblins, Forge Fathers, and Veer-myn…. but there is no way they’d ever get around to hard plastics for all the teams and honestly, the game itself is one of my favorites.. it is strangely complex and simple at the same time and if they start messing around with it too much, I fear they could make it too simple or take away some of the strategy and risk that is so integral to the game IMHO… but we’ll see.. I’m sure this is a KS I’ll watch although currently no one near me is playing Dreadball.. just lots of Guild Ball!!