Mantic Announces DreadBall, futuristic sports game

Mantic has just announced a new project they’re working on: DreadBall, a futuristic sports game.

From the announcement:

Good Moooorning Sports Fans!!!

In association with VitaCarbs StimShake(tm) – the stimulating ‘shake that gets you up in the morning – we are quickly approaching the most highly anticipated, most excruciatingly exciting, most positively exhilarating event of the year – the season-opener of DreeeeeaaaaadBaaaaallll, beamed live to you by DBCN!

  • Nightbee

    Looks better than Grind! On the other hand, I would rather play Blood Bowl, Tutatis, Elfball, or ForceBall (in that order) than this.

    • Just curious if you know something about the game play that the rest of may not since you organized them in order of preference.

      Mayhaps it is the theme or something else?

      • Nightbee

        No, I don’t know anything about the game play other that what might be deduced from the game board. I’m basing my opinions off of aesthetics and brand loyalty.

        It’s one thing for Mantic to knock off GW’s properties. It’s quite another to push their way into what is already a very crowded niche market for fantasy/scifi sports games. I feel very protective toward the companies that have kept this genre alive through the years, and don’t believe that I am alone in that.

        • If you’re a fan of the genre, wouldn’t you want more options and companies involved in expanding that genre?

          • Nightbee

            I consider it overcrowded already.

            Perhaps if Mantic had come out of the gate with some really stunning models, or an original pitch, I would feel differently. Instead, they have chosen to share with us some generic science fiction art, clunky plastic models, and copy that is neither amusing nor exciting.

  • zeno

    Looks like Blood Bowl meets Speedball (classic Amiga game). Which makes it interesting IMHO 🙂

  • KelRiever

    What makes it all interesting to me is a company actually trying to sell toy soldiers at toy soldier prices, instead of $25 resin miniatures under the guise of something artistic, yet want me to buy 300 of them just to play a game. Either that or a company that makes a terrible sculpt and marks it up to $25 a miniature because ‘you only need 16 to play a game’ and ‘low volume’ and whatever other version of an excuse companies make up.

    I have no problem paying $25 a miniature if it looks like it is worth $25. I also have no problem having someone sell me a figure for a lot less if I am simply meant to smash it around in a wargame.

    • surprize

      ^ This.

      Mantic are trying to position themselves as providing good production boardgames with the best quality minis in them. I think 6-12 months ago that was the case, but stuff like zombicide and sedition wars look to have raised the bar a little on the mini quality (limited ed games clearly don’t count).

      Personally my preference (looking at their previous offerings which I own) would be for a game that costs 50% more and has higher quality card components and bespoke minis, rather than their standard troop sprues from their battle games. But there does seem to be a market for the slightly more affordable games they are producing. I’m cautiously hopeful of this new one as it seems like it would need new minis to be made..

  • Black Nexus

    All the minis are new and bespoke (you can see that from the picture!) and they’ve been made under the watchful eye of Mike McVey who did Sedition Wars so you can expect a similar quality. From the rumours, looks to be the best damn thing they’ve done!