Mantic announce Warpath sci-fi game

By tgn_admin
In Sci-fi
Jun 3rd, 2011

Mantic Games have announced that they will soon be releasing a 28mm sci-fi game called Warpath. No other details are currently available.


  • scarletsquig

    Some extra info:

    Beta will be released in the summer, initially as an exclusive thing for paid subscribers to Beasts of War.

    Moving into rumour territory…

    Space Orcs and Space Dwarves hinted at as the first 2 races.
    These 2 armies will apparently not be hybrid kits based on their fantasy plastics.

  • I don’t know if there’s a need for another “fantasy in space” miniatures game. One is enough, really. Why do they want to be GW so badly?

    • keltheos

      Hmmm….looks around the miniatures industry…how many truly financially lucrative miniatures companies out there? There’s worse things than aspiring to be a success.

      • Zac

        I agree. Besides, there are enough people playing 40K and WFB who are upset with the prices. If you address that issue with your own figs and a set of rules you could conceivably get a good fraction of that business and make a good amount of change.

        • I guess I’d forgotten that they’re really just providing alternative minis for GW games as opposed to trying to do something original.

          • From the concept art posted online I don’t see anything similar to GW. They all look pretty original to me.

          • PanzerKraken

            Nothing original sounding about Space Orcs and Space Dwarves. We can all act like it’s nothing new, but with seeing how they handled their fantasy range, it’s plainly obvious Mantics big target is to draw away customers from GW by offering alternates.

            Countless sci fi games and how many had space dwarves and orcs?

          • Hmmm, I checked the GW site and saw nothing that resembles the concept art posted. In the concept art there wasn’t any Orks pictured though. They had hummer like vehicles and some Thundercat like tank. Is there something posted that I’m just missing?

          • You’re responding to messages that nobody ha written. We’re saying that mantic is providing alternative minis for players of gw games, NOT that their minis look like gw minis.

            The dwarves are a good example. Gw doesn’t make them but they used to and there is a small but vocal community of 40k players who have been lobbying for then to come back. Mantic is provoding this community some minis to use. Probably before GW finally comes out with their (if the rumors about the new Tau stuff is to be believed).

          • I didn’t know GW made space dwarves before (I don’t play the game). So all I could go by is what their current line is.

          • Veritas

            GW used to, back in the 2nd edition of 40K, have a race called the Squats. They were supposed to be humans who lived so long on high gravity worlds that their bodies became dwarf like. They have been dead and buried for a very long time. They never sold well and a lot of their stuff overlapped with the Imperial Guard anyways.

          • No problem, happens to the best! 🙂

  • 4tonmantis

    Admittedly I haven’t read the rules for KoW.. hopefully the rules for their Sci-Fi/Fantasy in space game will add for a different twist on gameplay. The sculpts may provide some interesting alternatives as well.. prays for a plastic buggy kit from Mantic

  • Grim6

    Very exciting. I’ve always been tempted by there products, even though I lean more towards sci-fi than fantasy. This might be perfect for me.

  • txMaddog

    Sqeeee!! If they can do as well on the minis as they have with the fantasy line I’d be happy!

  • If the figures are good and a lot cheaper than GW and made or metal or plastic (no resin!) then I am in. I will use whatever rules I like.

  • This seems interesting. I only really like about 25% of Mantic’s figures, but it’ll be nice to play a squad-based sci-fi game (I assume) with my 40k figures other than 40k.

    It’ll most likely be similar to Kings of War (which isn’t a bad thing), but I’m still holding out hope for it being more detailed (a la earlier editions of 40k).

  • PanzerKraken

    Hope they show some originality with this game and make unique races of their own and not analogs to GW’s to cash in on the proxy sales. If they can make a real good rule system that is not as hollow as the KoW game, they can be on to something with their excellent deals. I just really hope they do some original concepts to set themselves apart with the game.

  • Saw the leaked sketches and have changed my mind. I think I will pass! Bummer.

    • IndyMike

      They were scary. To be fair, they claimed those were ‘blue sky’ sketches.

  • Veritas

    The buggy is OK if nothing special. That tiger robot/tank thing is a little too bizzaro for my tastes though.

    • I like the thundercat vibe from the tiger/tank 🙂 With the Thundercats toy line coming out, I’m hoping some of the toys would be able to translate well into this line maybe as mega-tanks.

  • Mantic makes nice models. This game should do well for them.

  • looks like alessio cavatore is going to be allowed within a hundred miles of the rule set… looks like i just found a game who’s rules I’ll never care about so I can use the minis for the game I’m writing myself 🙂

    • Oh, how often have I heard that…

      At least Alessio has some system building knowledge and experience. And KoW seems to work OK enough (even though it´s pretty simplistic right now).

      But if you can do better, why don´t you show us? I give you 6 months for a beta.

    • scarletsquig

      You should download and have a look before jumping to conclusions, Kings of War is actually an excellent set of rules, released for free and updated yearly. Mantic’s extensive community playtesting really helps to balance the army lists too.