Mantic announce the Liche King’s Hell Horde

Mantic Games have announced a new Undead Army Deal, Liche King’s Hell Horde.

From their website:

As promised here is the first of many amazing deals available for the festive season. We know this is often the time of year that people consider starting a new army, or maybe building upon an existing collection. Well we here at Mantic Games have decided that we want to make that as easy for you as possible.

The Liche King’s Hell Horde is a great way to start your own Undead army this Christmas, or to expand your current force. Within this set you get: 60 Skeletons, 40 Revenants, 40 Ghouls, 60 Zombies, 10 Revenant Knights, 5 Wraiths, 2 Balefire Catapults, the Undead Death King’s Cabal and the Liche King. That is over an incredible 220 figures.