Mantic announce show schedule and deals

Mantic Games have posted details of their show schedule and the specials they will have available.

From their announcement:

Don’t Miss It – Triples 17th-18th, Salute 24th

Show season kicked off with Adepticon last month, and now they are here in the UK, and boy do we have some fantastic deals for you all.

Yup, even if you can’t make it to any of the shows Mantic is attending, we are offering all of our deals, and we will send them across the world up until the end of Salute on the 24th April 2010.

We know you like choice, and we know you like to grab you miniatures by the fistful, so we’re offering any three troop boxes of your choice at outstanding value. Pick up three of the ten figure boxes, whether its a mix of Elves, Skeletons or Ghouls, and what would cost £24 individually, you can suddenly pick up for £20 – that’s the third box half price.

We’ve also managed to get hold of a limited number of our pre-release items, notably the Elf Lord on Battle Dragon and the Death Kings Cabal – even the Vampire Lord on Pegasus will make an appearance at Salute. We’ve bundled these new kits together to create two tournament legal, collectable armies – perfect ways to start off either army, or add to any existing collection you may have.

Each deal contains two warhosts – over 100 plastic figures and 2 warmachines, and either a Death Kings Cabal or an Elf Kings Court. The Elf Lord on Battle Dragon will be present in the Elf show deal; the Vampire Lord on Undead Pegasus in the other.

Of course, you’re going to have to find a way to get all of these goodies home from the show, so we’ve made it possible to add a bag to any order for £15, positively the only way to transport your soldiers, dahling. For all the details, check them out in our webstore.

With the Sheffield Triples this weekend and Salute the weekend after (See our Events Diary for all of the details), these deals are open to everybody both on the website and at the shows.

For those of you would like to place an order and collect it at Triples or Salute, send us a contact form after you’ve placed your order, including your order number, name and which destination you’d like to pick it up from, and we’ll have it built, shrink wrapped and ready to collect.