Mantic adds Deadzone decks, DreadBall teams to Mars Attacks Kickstarter

Mantic is posting some huge updates lately for Mars Attacks, full of lots of previews and videos and news and thing after thing. If you’ve not checked them out lately, you probably should again. Lately they’ve added Deadzone decks for both Martians and Humans if you want to use the Mars Attacks guys over in that game. Also, they’ve got a Martian DreadBall team as well if you’re into that game.
It’s something for everyone!
Also, mutant ants. Guaranteed to ruin your picnic.


From the update:

We are now well past the half way point for the kickstarter, and while we a not yet heading into the final stretch – what a journey it has already been – with lots of Martians, flying saucers, trucks and giant stompy robots!

  • Mike Corriero designed those! I know that guy and he’s awesome!

  • Gallahad

    Those mutant ants sure look like they could be cool. I think it is a great sign for Mantic and the wargames community in general that Mantic’s core games aren’t really Warhammer/40K spin offs anymore. They are evolving in a very interesting direction.

    • 4tonmantis

      Yeah, during the Deadzone KS, I talked briefly with some of the Mantic crew.. they really do want to break away from the notion that they are just a more affordable GW (or cheap knockoffs). I can understand them using similarities to get their foot in the door and while some people think Dreadball and Deadzone are just knockoffs of Bloodbowl and Necromunda.. they’re not only different rules wise, but they are also here.. now. GW turned their back on specialist games a while back while Mantic is using those to launch their main lines. On that note.. I think it’s funny that GW has made decisions to not support that type of game, while Mantic found them to be very popular via KS. That should tell you something 😉

      All issues about business model or miniature quality aside, I am very interested in the core lines of KoW and Warpath and all of these little spinoffs they’re doing.
      Mars Attacks.. not so much.. but I understand why they would go that route too.