Manorhouse Workshop shows WIP for Temple

Manorhouse Workshop has posted a WIP for their temple terrain.

From their annoucnement:

Update regarding the temple:
We’re almost at the completion of the staining of the ground floor of the temple and already furnished with the furniture that will fill the rooms adjacent to the Temple.
Missing are still columns in the hall of the Temple.
The temple begins to take shape.
Regards, Lorenzo

  • lordofexcess

    3800 Euros … ha ha ha … lol. I think I could get a Hollywood special effects house to do work at rates like that. I’m sure they put in alot of time, etc. etc. but seriously that is some fatty coin to be dropping on a single table. Ah I guess its another thing to add to the lottery win spending spree list.

    • grimbergen

      I couldn’t find the price of 3800 eur but I don’t doubt the fatty coin level based on their previous products… are they seriously trying to sell these to consumers? I’m sure there are gamers out there who can afford this, but enough to justify an entire business? The only regular business I can see them getting is for companies that need demo tables and such.

      • DDM

        It is a bit more complicated.
        First of all, let’s say again that the biggest prices around 4000 € are about full complete dioramas made by Lorenzo himself: he provides the materials, expertise, painting, etc.
        And he’s a perfectionist. πŸ™‚
        We’re speaking about big tables too (this one is 120 cm x 120cm).

        The Dioramas Lorenzo is doing are particular, personalized, works and commissions.
        By showing this, he’s showing basically how all his kits can fit together, giving customers ideas about possible results.
        which would be difficult by showing just some kits painted, alone.

        The point is, Lorenzo can’t really sell dozens of 4000€ dioramas a year, because he hasn’t the time to do them.
        But he can do some, for people like me who do not have the time to paint/glue his kits.
        All other can buy his kits (way cheaper, sicne they are unpainted and standalone), follow if needed tutorials, and do their own gaming table, even way less complicated.

  • Hello, I’m Lorenzo Marchetto.

    I’m sorry, but I do not understand your conversation …

    We are in our catalogue items from 9.00 euro to over EUR 4000.00.

    if you want to reproduce the work you are seeing, just buy the kits needed for its construction.

    this work to born as more others works as this, for to be a display to best present our items, for articles in specialized magazines of the sector and upon specific request of the client.

    so if you do laugh at the prices of our Modular Gaming Tables, we can not do anything.
    ma vi invitiamo a valutare il nostro intero catalogo, not only the items of the higher-end and very expensive.

    link to our catalogue

    regards, Lorenzo

  • I work in the film industry and can tell you that you won’t get something built at that price, not a chance.

    Materials are a very small small part of a budget. The actual hours that it takes to construct something of this level is where the price comes into effect.

    I applaud Lorenzo for answering your comments and remarks.

    • thanks iksentrik for your comment.

      I envy you for the work you do.
      I love my job, but it would be great realize scenery for movies.

      regards, Lorenzo

  • DDM

    I’m the owner of this WIP diorama. πŸ™‚
    First of all, yes, Manorhouse dioramas are not cheap, but the quality is simply the best around the world, for gaming purposes.

    If I wasn’t working, I would love to do his work. That is, to print his kits, and build/paint the dioramas myself.
    In that case, expenses drop. As iksentrik said, the biggest part of the amount is actual manual work (and expertise). Materials there aren’t that much.

    So one who has the know how of building/painting such kits, can get the whole thing for way less.

    I don’t have the know-how, so I pay him to do the work for me. πŸ™‚
    And I’ve never regretted it. πŸ™‚