Manorhouse Workshop show watermill in countdown to Indiegogo campaign

Manorhouse Workshop posted update 22 to their terrain project as they build back up to another Indiegogo campaign.


From the post:

Manorhouse Workshop show the watermill as the first perk, 11 days from the start of the Indiegogo campaign on November 30th. More building perks for the fortified Italian village will be revealed in the coming days.

The first painted pictures of the beautifully crafted water mill are released with this update.

With fully accessible interior, this model will be a large eye-catcher on your table measuring 30 X 20 X 21 cm. (WxDxH)

  • surprize

    I absolutely love their stuff, but it is the cost that has always put me off from buying (not saying it is overpriced at all, just the price of their coolest stuff is more than I can afford most of the time).

    I didn’t back their last, failed, indiegogo as I couldn’t see the motivation. They are an established company so you’d have to reckon on them producing most of their concepts over time, so the campaign seemed to be a pre-order. That being the case, and the inevitable crushing delays that crowd-funded wargames stuff seems to suffer leaves me with the basic equation: how much money am I getting off this product by pre-ordering it months in advance? Sadly the first time round I looked at the perks and thought I’d rather wait and maybe buy something later on retail.

    I’m not trying to make myself out like a weather vane for the success of this campaign, but I’d think they’d need to come up with perks that persuade people like me that love the stuff and have the money that we need to part with it as part of this indiegogo rather than wait for retail. And sadly in this capitalist world that equals free stuff and/or money off.