Manorhouse Workshop posts update 17 on their terrain project

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Oct 10th, 2013

Manorhouse Workshop gives us another look at their terrain project they’re working on with update 17.


From the update:

Hello to all.

After a long wait here are the first images of Arengario. You will notice a total upheaval than the old design.
Now we have a real fortified building, massive and imposing. In addition to being very complex in its structure, but also elegant with the great tower adorned with battlements Ghibellines, proposed again also for the great terrace. We are about 3/4 from the end of the work. but the most complex part of the entire work: the battlements! have been realized.
We are confident that the new project of Arengario will amaze you as it occurred for the water mill.

to next update Lorenzo

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  • puster

    This works out great.

    I am not sure how military sound it is to create easy access to a battlement via a flat roof directly beyond. Anyway, putting sensible living conditions before military necessities is authentic for the era (looking, eg. at the storming of the Borgo in 1527).

    At the indigogo campaign I was in for the mill and the Arengario. Good decision back then, and better yet to see that these are coming anyway.

  • thanks Puster. however, keep in mind that a Arengario was practically a town hall, not a real strong house.


    • puster

      I know. I some ways, this makes it even more authentic. Looking eg. at the way the Spanish troops found a way into the Borgo leading to the Sacco di Roma, considering living quality over military necessities was not an uncommon threat in the Renaissance architecture 🙂

  • I am fully agree.