Manorhouse Workshop posts Indiegogo update #7

Manorhouse Workshop gives us another update to their Indiegogo campaign in this latest update.

From the update:

Hello to all.

Here are the photos of the Water mill in its final form. Remember the initial design of the mill?
I have to say I’m better at sculpting than to draw …
The water mill was a very interesting project and quite complex. But now it’s on the table in my lab completed. a little dream come true.

Now we start with the houses of the village. to the next update. Lorenzo

  • puster

    Brilliant, and (to me) worth the 55€ they ask for it… but 25€ for shipping and delivery in Feburary kills it – sadly. I hope it will be available directly in the future.

  • sprry, the shipment is in February is given by all the masters from create.
    the mill is completed, then it will be shipped as soon as the funding will be ended.
    and also all the other models. as that will be created will be put in print.

    also the cost of the mill and the shipping costs will be higher at the end dell’Indiegogo
    nd there will be no potential rewards …

    direct link at list: weights and prices:

    regards, Lorenzo

  • Gallant

    The mill really is lovely. 55€ is not bad compared to some of the Forge World pieces.

  • thanks Gallant.