Malifaux token and base insert preview

Denny Unger at WorldWorkGames has sent along an image of the tokens, objective markers and base inserts that will accompany the Malifaux Terraclip terrain sets that they are releasing in conjunction with Wyrd Miniatures.

Malifaux tokens and markers
Malifaux tokens and markers
  • beshkno

    I don’t quite get it. Do the tokens insert into a 30mm rounded base?

    • Zac

      No. I believe that they are 30mm wide. There are also base inserts so that you can base your figures to match the terrain

    • WEiRD sKeTCH

      They do indeed fit inside the lip of a 30mm base.

  • keltheos

    If they’re the same print as last year, the tokens are inserts for 30mm bases which is what the game calls for. A fast and fun way to get your corpse/scrap/etc counters into play.

  • widgren

    i like it. thats a very nice way of doing cheap tokens. as baseinserts? not for me.

    • TylerT

      you would be shocked how good those textures work as bases, if you think about if those stone roads were scale they would be really really flat.

      i used world works textures on some bases a while ago, i love em!

  • capsfan34

    I enjoy the base inserts, I use them for other games.

  • AoM

    A few of these sets were given out during the Gen Con tournaments, too. There were two different corpses you could get on the corpse tokens. I’ve got a full set of 10 of each insert. They look awesome.