Malifaux Tactica Wiki online

By tgn_admin
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May 4th, 2011
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There is now a Malifaux Tactica Wiki available online for fans of the game to check out strategies and tactics for Wyrd Miniatures’ SteamCowPunkHorror game.

From their website:

The purpose of this wiki is to organize all of the wonderful tacticas we had floating around the Wyrd forums into one place. It is meant to be a one stop shop for Malifaux strategy and tactics. It is our goal to give helpful advice to the hardened veteran while still giving an introduction which beginners can use. This is quite a task, so it’s a community effort!

  • Grim6

    This is really pretty handy! I like Malifaux a lot, but it seems like one of those games you really need to know inside and out. It’s make me want to pull out my figures again…