Malifaux July and August 2011 releases

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Jun 7th, 2011

Wyrd Miniatures have posted details of their Malifaux releases for July and August 2011.


  • WYR4039 – Collodi – Clamshell – $10.50
  • WYR4040 – Marrionetts (4 pack) – Clamshell – $16.50
  • WYR4041 – Wicked Dolls (3 pack) – Clamshell – $16.50
  • WYR3034 – Snow Storm (small box) – $35
  • WYR2038 – Night Terrors (2 pack) – $15
  • WYR1038 – Guild Hounds (2 pack) – $14
  • WYR3035 – Mobile Toolkit – $8.50
  • WYR2039 – Dead Rider (small box) – $30


  • WYR0030 – Orphanage Bases 30mm – Clamshell – $13.50
  • WYR0031 – Orphanage Bases 40mm – Clamshell – $13.50
  • WYR0032 – Orphanage Bases 50mm – Clamshell – $10.50
  • WYR0033 – Orphanage Accessories – Clamshell – $13.50
  • WYR3037 – Malifaux Raptor (2 pack) – Clamshell – $14.00
  • WYR5056 – Pigapult (small box) – $35.00
  • WYR5057 – Young Lacroix (3 pack) – Clamshell – $18.00
  • WYRTC101 – Terraclips – Streets of Malifaux – $49.00
  • WYRTC102 – Terraclips – Buildings of Malifaux – $49.00
  • WYRTC103 – Terraclips – Sewers of Malifaux – $49.00
  • WYRTC104 – Terraclips – Combo Pack – $18.00
  • Zac

    The Snow Storm is pretty impressive. Really captures the concept art

  • elril

    mistitled… though yes, I love the look of Snow Storm as well.

    • Zac

      What is mistitled?

      • elril

        The title of the article is June and July releases, the details say July and August…

  • mathieu

    The picture is a bit small, but yes, that Snow Storm looks like a pretty good kit. I’m impressed by the Dead Rider too, especially after the rather mediocre (imo) Hooded Rider.
    Not crazy about the rest, but overall that’s more models I like than in most months.

  • KelRiever

    One one hand I am happy that these guys are out there doing what they like. Frankly, however, I preferred them when they didn’t have a game. Too many play-alike games for me, or at least not different enough for me to purchase. That is, unfortunately, the case of Wyrd. Who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind and pick up a fig or two to paint in the future.

    To each his own. I understand those who picked it up and sunk their dollars into it are pretty happy.

    • That’s an interesting observation and similar to something I’ve noticed. I was talking to a friend yesterday about how Wyrd Miniatures were just making really cool minis for quite a while before Malifaux was developed, pre-Malifaux they appeared to be a small studio making ‘cool stuff’. Their customers were likely to have been primarily painters.

      The perception I get now is that their revenues have exploded since Mailfaux was released, more people buy minis when there is a system attached to it. I’m assuming Wyrd is still a tight-knit studio, but now they are enjoying much more commercial success (which is very well deserved). They also now have a different customer group, painters are still there but I’d guess they have a lot more primarily gamers buying. Gamers being a fidgety bunch, seem to constantly demand new shiney for their game or they drift off to the next thing that catches their eye. So it makes commercial sense to keep feeding the development into the game (and all power to Wyrd in that endeavour too).

      They’re still producing great minis in my humble opinion but I can understand some painters feeling something is missing. I don’t know as it’s anything that can be easily defined but I agree that there is a little ‘something’ that feels different in their output from pre-malifaux days.

      Despite that feeling, personally, I love what they’re doing – there’s several minis in their range that are on my list to get just because ‘they’re cool’ (I’m as much of a magpie as anyone). The bonus for me as a gamer is that at my local gaming club (DWS) there’s a growing interest in picking Malifaux up so I might well swing into to the range a lot deeper than I planned purely due to the game seeing table time.

      (And I’m really interested in the Terraclips developments too – very cool stuff)

      • PanzerKraken

        The quality seems to have dropped a bit in some areas, and yes in large part I think it’s because of having to make so many new figs to fill out army roles and gaps, so you got lot of not so important figs. Previously every fig they put out was it’s own unique creation, but now they got to put out lot more content each month and there is lot of stuff that is made to be part of a group or unit. They still put out some great figs though like this dead rider and some of the major charactes of course.

    • PanzerKraken

      I think Malifaux is a very very unique game. I would put it up there with Infinity as some of the most unique and innovative game systems to have appeared in recent years. It’s another game system sure, but they really did something unique here.

  • Jon F

    Terraclips… hurrah!

  • Morf

    I’m still in awe how the transition didn’t hurt the quality (maybe some paintjobs – I bet Terrors are great minis but that paintjob doesn’t do them the justice). There is always at least one great mini in the batch and very rarely spectacular misses. Yes, it is a whole different audience and while I miss my frequent visits to their forums which used to be a great painters place, this is the only way for a company to survive and thrive.

    Snow Storm is a fantastic mini, so is the Dead Rider (reminds me of Asura from Confrontation).

  • as79

    The Guild Hounds and Dead Rider are nice and unique.

    The Night Terrors, however, are just god awful. I was expecting something more akin to Rackham’s Gargoyles from the concept art in Rising Powers. These just look like fat, overgrown fruit bats.