Malak’s Endless Hordes Army Deal

Mantic Games are offering a new Undead army deal.

From their announcement:

As we are fast approaching the release of our fantastic new Zombie miniatures what better way to celebrate than by not only releasing the Zombie Regiment and Zombie Horde boxed-set, but creating a brand new Army Deal.
Malak’s Endless Hordes is a great way to start your own undead army, or to expand your current force.

Included in this set:

  • 1 x free Revenant King
  • 1 x free Male Necromancer
  • 1 x free Female Necromancer
  • 1 x free Undead Standard Bearer
  • 2 x Undead Skeleton Regiment (40 Figures with Command Group)
  • 2 x Undead Revenant Regiment (40 Figures with Command Group)
  • 4 x Undead Ghoul Troops (40 Figures)
  • 2 x Balefire Catapult with Crew
  • 1 x Zombie Horde (60 Figures)
  • Undead Poster Guide and Sticker Sheets
  • 18 Mantic Points
  • Square Bases (20mm)
  • Cavalry bases (25mmx50mm)
  • Mantic Carry Cases with Protective Foam

That is an incredible 190 figures.

This army deal is currently only available to pre-order but it will be shipping out first thing on the 24th September 2010. So you pre-order your set now, as we will be running this deal for a limited time, so you really don’t want to miss out.