Mage Knight Board Game is Sold Out

By TGN Ross
In News
Dec 24th, 2011

Wizkids has just announced that Mage Knight is sold out, but there will be a second production run.

From their website:

The Portal is closed… for now
WizKids Games announces the just released Mage Knight Board Game is sold out
Amass an army of followers, learn new skills and spells, rule through respect or fear—these are the choices of the Mage Knight. The portal has opened and many of you have stepped through. So many, in fact, that the first print run of the Mage Knight Board Game— intended to fill projected sales for the entire year— has sold out in the first month of release. WizKids Games wishes to congratulate game designer Vlaada Chvátil on his creation of the Mage Knight Board Game which is being enjoyed and applauded worldwide by fans of this epic fantasy game.

Due to this overwhelming response, a second production run of the game is assured. We are also excited to announce plans to release the game in German, Czech and other languages as details are finalized. Please check back to or your distributor for updates on language plans and availability of reprints.

Please note that there are very limited supplies remaining for American retailers through Alliance Game Distributors or Diamond Comic Distributors – contact your sales representatives for order information. International retailers may find small amounts available via their local distributors

  • Is it bad that I didn’t even that WKs were releasing a MK board game? If it was announced, I glassed over it.

    Congrats on the fast run through.

  • blkdymnd

    Same here, had no idea the boardgame was even announced.

  • KaneBlaireau

    Had not heart until recently and HORRIBLY disappointed that it seems to be mostly chits! BAD choice.

    • I definitely haven’t checked it out. Wouldn’t it be clicky based instead of chits? Guess I’ll have to go look.

      • KaneBlaireau

        I really hope I read it wrong, but looking through the instruction book, everything is labeled as tokens. Some pictures at BGG, though, show lots of MINIS, but no Clix. :\

        • ravenburg

          Few wierd replies so far. The game is only Mage Knight in theme, there are no clicky bases on the characters.

          It is actually an adventure game where heroes travel around a map and fight monsters and conquer ruins and keeps. Players use decks of cards and mana dice to plan their actions. Actually, its one of the best adventure games that I’ve played. Very very interesting stuff.

  • keltheos

    Saw it announced on TGN a bit ago. Then saw it in the local store a week later. Haven’t seen it back in the store or here since.

  • jedijon

    As cool as it is to get insider info–this is pretty self-serving as far as announcements go. Just the sort of thing that I’d prefer didn’t see redistribution. Let Mage Knight resurrect itself on its own facebook/very simple web page.

    • Insider info? I don’t follow. You mean, you don’t want to see announcements that items are out of print? Sorry if I misunderstand.

      I think that’s important as it tells me that if I want the game, I better hurry up and find it.

      • jedijon

        This comment is now sold out – don’t bother to reply…none are available.

        Pseudo insider info would be a better word; some might argue there’s enough other news in the world w/o posting when a company has sold all of their items through to the distributor level.

        Also – this reply is collectible. Now you want it more. It’s very rare: 08/22.

  • WizKids has always announced when they sell out to their distributors. It’s a bit of false advertising to drum up more business. No need to panic. Retailers have plenty of copies to sell. Cool Stuff, for example, is well stocked. They sell it for $56. Besides, sometimes waiting for the second printing isn’t a bad idea. WK gets to fix any errors in the 2nd printing. Not sure if they have any fixes to correct.

    BTW I was going to get their Star Trek Fleet game until I heard of all the damaged ships and low-quality cards/tiles. There I am waiting for a fixed 2nd printing fix before I buy a $70 ($100 retail) game.

    • PanzerKraken

      Damaged ships they are replacing for Star Trek though, I had no problem with it.

      The poor quality of the tiles/cards though is not going to change, it’s what they are using for all their games and seems even worse with the MK board game which is having lot of issues with the chinese factory wizkids use. I wouldn’t hold my breath for them to fix this with any reprintings.