Maelstrom Games New BaneBeast and BaneLords

Maelstrom Games previews three massive miniatures for their BaneBeast and BaneLords product lines:

From their post:

Some new preview goodies up for pre-order this month – 2 BaneLords a monstrous Troll Vane-Bearer and Lugung a big, hulking brute!
On the BaneBeasts front we have Ungefelic a Mantichora!

  • These guys have great things going on with their sculpts but I can’t even begin to purchase these 🙁 Even still though, they’re very animated and dynamic and have tons of great little details.

  • YoungOlo

    Love the classic look of the Mantichora – reminds me of HoM&M series, which is gives me that nostalgic feeling in my guts! The scythe-brute is cool as well, could find a few uses for him. Great stuff!