Maelstrom Games ceases trading, says Wayland Games calling in debt

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Nov 10th, 2012

In a message that isn’t a surprise to some, Maelstrom Games, the UK maker of BaneLegions as well as general retailer of miniature games, has announced that they have ceased trading with immediate effect. The announcement also specifically mentions that Wayland Games calling in of a debt owed was the primary reason for the liquidation. Apparently, a new site and business based in the same location has started at according to Faeit 212. What will happen to current customers, or to BaneLegions is not known at this time.

  • luckyb0y
  • SirAngry

    Officially BaneLegions doesn’t exist anymore and was actually transferred to Mierce Miniatures some months ago now. This was reported on these very pages. Whether the transaction is kosher I’m sure the liquidator will find out.

  • luckyb0y

    Some more info from I assume Graham Clarke of Simple Miniature Games:

  • I was lucky enough to cancel a big DV order via Paypal resolution before it was too late, but some 45 GBP are lost now, I was too late there.

    In my eyes, Maelstromgames behavior was purposely fradulent: They were still taking orders when it should have been clear that they could never fulfill them, they transferred the Banelegions assets and the brick and mortar store into new companies and they have stopped responding to queries some months ago.

    Insolvencies can happen but this one stinks to heaven.

    • TomasT

      Yes, I agree.

      Dishonorable behaviour.

  • Sisyphus

    Always good to have a scapegoat, eh Maelstrom. Oh well… I did a reasonable amount of business with them over the years. Sorry to see them nose up but seems like they deserved it.

  • janus

    I was really lucky Wayland had its free shipping weeks recently, otherwise I would have lost hundreds of hard earned € to Maelstrom Shames.

    Its such a slap in the face to see the message on their site now, which makes it seem its Waylands fault they couldnt get their biz right.

    Not long ago I still got newsletters from Maelstrom, praising their great offers. At this point it was rater clear customer orders didnt get served anymore…

    Shame on them.

  • cama

    It reads like the script to Old Yeller (1957)

    (Ol’ Maelstrom’s gone rabid and creditors are holding a shotgun)
    Wayland: No creditors!
    Creditors: There’s no hope for them now. They’s sufferin’. You know we gotta do it.
    Wayland: I know Mama… But they was my gaming store… I’ll do it.


  • Demonetrigan

    Blimey, Bane Legions was transferred to the new Mierce Miniatures months ago. It was one of the first indicators that Maelstrom were going down the toilet. Removing your valuable IP to protect it from the eventual administrator…..

    • cmon-chern

      Not sure if it applies to this case, but usually in the event of insolvency (in the UK), the administrator has the power to unwind all transactions within two years of bankruptcy, if they were under value or preferred related parties – It also largely depends on how aggressive creditors want to be.

      • TomasT

        After being cheated (yes!), I would be aggressive as hell if I was a creditor.

  • Henrix

    They’ve not paid their debts and not sent out orders placed, and then transferred the remaining stock to Eye of the Storm?

    Dishonourable, even if not illegal per se.

  • leonmallett

    Some Basic Information about Maelstrom Games Ltd and related business entities.

    Maelstrom Games Ltd. (active company; registered 07/04/2003) has one listed Director – Robert Lane. It has two listed Shareholders, Robert Lane and Jonathon Paul Price. Net Worth: £-132,432 based on the accounts filed in 2012.

    Maunsfield Gaming Ltd. (active company; registered20/06/2012) was previously known as EYE OF THE STORM (MANSFIELD) LIMITED and has one listed Director – Robert Lane. Shareholder details are not yet listed. Accounts are required to be filed on or before 31/01/2014.

    Penda Strategies Ltd. (active company; registered 15/06/2012) was known previously as Maelstrom Wargames Limited until 06/09/2012; Robert Lane is the only listed director. Shareholder details are not yet listed. Accounts are required to be filed on or before 31/01/2014.

    Anglia Games Limited was registered 15/06/2012; Robert Lane appears to be a director.

    Mierce Miniatures Ltd. was registered 26/02/2009; Robert Lane is the sole listed director. Shareholder details are not yet listed. Net Worth: £0, based on the accounts filed in 2012.

    There is a dissolved Maelstrom Games Ltd.

    Maelstrom Games Ltd., Anglia Games Ltd., Penda Strategies Ltd., Maunsfield Gaming Ltd. and Mierce Miniatures Ltd. share the same registered address:
    NG18 3DH

  • phoenixman

    if it IS true that money has been taken for orders but orders not sent out and the stock has been ‘transfered’ whilst i assume not actually moving an inch then the wargaming community should not touch them with the proverbial barge pole until the ‘new’ company which is listed above owned by the person who owned the old one sends out every single order paid for.

    also, i would think not many suppliers will deal with the new company unless they get paid up front.

  • phoenixman

    perhaps Mr. Lane would like to set the record straight and come on this site and announce what he alone intends to do re the mess that seems to have unfolded

    • leonmallett

      I would love to see that; I highly doubt he takes any sense of responsibility for the situation, but i would love to see him do so.

  • phoenixman

    perhaps TGN can ask for him to comment on the issue