Mad Robot Miniatures announcing Roll Call Pre-Order System

By Polar_Bear
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Oct 5th, 2013

Mad Robot Miniatures is starting a new pre-order system for their miniatures. The more people that pre-order, the better the final product will be. It’s like crowdfunding… but not.


From the announcement:

Roll Call is Mad Robot Miniatures new pre-order system. It’s kinda like those popular crowd funding websites in that the more pre-orders we get, the more extras are available. Our first Roll Call is for the Kurgan Winter Guard, think sci fi meets WW2 Soviets.

All the details can be found at their WEBSTORE.

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  • 4tonmantis

    Cool! Can’t wait to see what comes down the pipe via these.. Looking for something like Colonial Space Marines or similar (pretty sure everything is already there). Only thing is.. with crowd-funding you usually get a great deal. These are like 3.50 a model which is exactly the same as a GW Valhallan squad.
    I’m not expecting super cheap models and don’t think I’m entitled to them.. but I also don’t see an amazing reason to snatch these up… even when they go retail, deciding to purchase any of the Mad Robot stuff vs GW stuf or any others for that matter boils down to taste. I really enjoy many of this company’s products but I don’t know that I enjoy them enough to pay GW prices which I already consider way higher than they should be.

    Sorry to be a downer.. the concept is great but the pricing isn’t exciting.

  • The Mad Robot

    Firstly, no need to apologize for voicing your opinion 😉

    While there are a few elements that are borrowed from popular crowd funding websites(the more people spend, the more options become available) it’s not really fair to apply the same expectations one would have with a Kickstarter. Roll Call is a fancy/fun way to say “pre-orders”. That’s really all it is, all it is meant to be.

    Pricing was set to be competitive with similar offerings from other companies. I know some won’t think it’s low enough, but the squad price represents a significant savings as compared to having to purchase all the corresponding bits separately.

    I appreciate your comments and I hope you find a future release more to your liking.


    • 4tonmantis

      Steve – It’s fine that its’ cheaper than buying the bits.. but the end product ends up being a squad of 10 guys.. and that’s quite different of a product from an individual set of bits. Meaning, If I’m buying arms, it’s probably because I got bodies in a box set somewhere and want to customize. I understand there may be some debate about this and I really hope this business model works out for you, but this seems like the thing I’ve been waiting for from you guys and it’s completely not what I was expecting.

      On the crowd sourcing bit in particular. You drew the comparison to crowd-sourcing… and said but not really. Nobody other than the people at Mad Robot know what that means so we have to assume that it’s nothing like it or like it minus actually being ran via one of those sites (or whatever interpretation could be made from so little information).
      I look at the whole product.. and I see the contents of a Cadian box minus the extra bits… or a direct order box of Valhallans only I assemble them.

      I know it’s not fair to compare this to Wargames Factory’s Shock Troopers.. because it isn’t the same thing.. but it also kinda is. I can get 18 there for $19.95, 3 packs of heads (there are officer heads in the kit) at presumably $3.50 each 10.50.. 30.45 for almost twice as much of the same thing for less.

      The point of me writing that up is to show you the mindset of people that will be browsing your store. We compare cost, concept, and quality.

      As to this “just being pre-order” .. I appreciate the creativity.. but if it’s really just a pre-order.. then it’s probably wise to avoid drawing comparisons to things that are very different from preorders.

      I can tell you right now, I love your products.. or at least how they seem on my monitor. I feel the same way about Antenociti’s Workshop, Sedition Wars, Forge World, and a few others. For the most part I buy my War-gaming supplies on a tight budget (I’m a starving artist, you may have seen the post they did for me a few weeks back here). I know you’ve got costs to cover, and I appreciate that more than you might think.. but you’re out of my league unfortunately 🙁

      • 4tonmantis

        My example of the Wargames Factory Shock Troopers.. was 1 box of their Shock Troopers customized with 3 packs of heads priced at what you guys charge.. I can actually get them cheaper elsewhere but I thought it would be more sporting to use your prices.

  • The Mad Robot

    Well, I’ll say it again, I respect your opinion and appreciate where you’re coming from. I think our website makes the Roll Call idea pretty clear and well defined but maybe that’s just me. No hard feelings though, I wish you all the best!


  • Steve,

    I think your products look awesome, and perhaps contrary to other opinions, your prices are on par with other companies that sell similar products. Maybe even a bit lower than some. In my opinion, an “amazing reason to snatch these up” is the great quality and detail in your bits, at least from what I can tell from the pictures. I realize the pictures from your “Roll Call” are 3D renders, but the actual pictures of the other products on your website look great, which leads me to believe that these will turn out just as good.

    To compare your products to Wargames Factory Shock Troopers is just absurd. I actually have a box of those I bought before I saw the sprue pictures on their website. I’m not trying to insult WGF, but even from the pictures you can tell the quality isn’t near the level of your products. With the exception of their DreamForge Games line (for which they are just the distributer), perhaps their target market is gamers that just need inexpensive miniatures for the tabletop, whereas your products are for the gamer that doesn’t mind spending a little extra to have a really great looking squad or two. I guess you get what you pay for.

    You’ve probably been around gaming and gaming blogs long enough to realize that they’re overflowing with gamers just waiting to smear the up-and-coming miniature business that dares to make a profit from its products. I mean if you do that, you might become just another evil empire like Games Workshop or Privateer Press.

    Keep the products coming. I look forward to your future releases. I’ve got an Imperial Guard army on the drawing board, so I’ll be picking up some of those Beret Heads from you soon.