Luxor Titanium Alloy Dice

By Polar_Bear
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May 6th, 2014

War Machine LLC has Luxor Titanium Alloy dice available over in their webshop.

Titanium Dice


From the website:

Finely machined aerospace grade Titanium alloy dice nested in a custom sliding lid oak puzzle box placed in a deluxe velvet drawstring pouch. Regardless of if you are a gamer or a collector you don’t need these dice, but if you are looking for the finest classic style exotic metal dice that you can find anywhere, Luxors are the Pinnacle. Each die starts out as a precisely CNC machined and dimensioned 16mm cube. The edges and corners have a slight radius for ergonomic as well as aesthetic appeal. Luxor dice are balanced by virtue of accurately varying the machined depth of the pips so that each face has the exact same volume of material removed. Each Luxor die is surface honed for beauty on an inspection grade granite surface plate, measured with a precision micrometer, and hand matched with a another die to ensure minimal total pair error. In addition each Luxor die pair comes with a signed specification sheet detailing their dimensions. Due to the amount of effort required to make Luxor dice they are by nature a limited run item made in small batches to ensure quality control and attention to detail. As a result a level of uniqueness is added as each die pair is individually identified by batch and number serialized on the inspection sheet. Few people will ever own a set of Luxors…be one of them while quantities are available.

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  • Soulfinger

    At $475, you’d have enough to roll attributes for a D&D game, but you’d also have that privileged sense of exclusivity, the class and appurtenance of someone who drinks a bottle of Massandra 1775 or wears a button-up shirt to Walmart. Forget the incredulous or apathetic reaction of your peers, because like a Real Doll or a furry costume, this is a luxury best enjoyed in private, where you have a 6-in-6 chance of a random encounter with opulence. Yes, you’ve been thinking about sending rice to starving kids in Africa or feeding the homeless, but they will understand your commitment to quality random number generation and shiny things that come in velvet pouches. This is your Excalibur, your Secular Grail, your Yoko Ono. All for the price of an assault rifle, because when the government collapses, wouldn’t you rather be gaming?

  • The Beast Rampant


  • mathieu

    1 – back in high school we had to learn basic machining, by the end of the first day any idiot (and god knows there were a few in my high school) was able to get a dozen of cubes out to more exacting specs than these.

    2 – keeping the amount of material removed from each side a constant by varying the depth (or size) of the holes does not ensure balance. How the mass (or holes) is arranged matters just as much and will never be symmetrical (or balanced) if you drill holes in a cube. I assume the point of their spiel was to tell us how perfectly random their dice are, but this is utterly untrue.

    Unless you have a thing for titanium, there’s nothing special about these.

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    Well spoken my good man! I raise my glass of 50 year old Glenfarclas scotch to you!

    • Soulfinger

      Thank you, sir. You’ll have to join me for a Cohiba Behike some day at my villa in Belize.