Ludus Magnus Studio shows centaur artwork, previews class system in Nova Aetas

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Jan 9th, 2014

Ludus Magnus Studio is showing off the entire Centaur artwork. Plus, they’re giving a bit of info about the class system in Nova Aetas.


From the preview:

Careers and Classes
During the game development, characters may change classes.
Thanks to an evolution system, each character can reach to get to one of the classes of the final game.

In Nova Aetas a multiplicity of classes are provided, divided into four main branches (careers); each party may be built up with any combination of them.

At the start of a campaign players can form their party by choosing from four basic careers:
The pious NOVICE
The proud SQUIRE
And the cunning SCUM.
Stay tuned…

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  • Gallahad

    Very cool art. Hopefully they produce some affordable miniatures to match it. Not many cool centaurs out there that I am aware of.

  • Ludus Magnus Studio

    Hi Gallahad! We are glad that you like the concept, soon we will show you the WIP of the sculpt and you will not be disappointed about it đŸ˜‰

  • The Beast Rampant

    “Cunning Scum” sounds like a fun character!