Ludus Magnus Studio Presents Career System for Nova Aetas

Ludus Magnus Studio takes a look inside the Career System for Nova Aetas with their latest previews.

Career System


From the preview:

Today we show you the tree career system for the 4 base classes of Nova Aetas!
As you can see every class will have a total of 6 different possible evolutions that will allow you to fully customize your Free Company and choose from dozens of skills!
The most beautiful thing is that our projects is to produce all models for all classes!!


  • Soulfinger

    I’m going to take a stab and guess that the Mage can become the First Female President or a Pole Dancer, depending on how seriously she takes her studies. The Alchemist pretty much has to choose between Urologist and Proctologist, which is a tough choice between being able to tell the difference between apple juice and pee without having to taste it OR a substantial bonus when performing colorectal surgery.