• Veritas

    So it turns out this guy actually is a $40 blister??? I remember when the new release schedule with Scaverous was posted I commented that a $40 blister was kind of crazy. However, one of the PP staffers jumped in quickly and said that Scaverous was so big that he was definitely coming in a box. $40 for a blister still makes me do a double take. GW doesn’t even sell $40 blisters to my knowledge.

    • KelRiever

      Just you wait…

      • Veritas

        Wait for what? GW’s prices to catch up to PP?! Sorry if that seems a little backwards and not something I want to wait for.

  • mathieu

    That is a very sweet, rather bulky model that comes in many different pieces. I don’t condone the price tag (which is indeed very high, especially since, despite is relatively large size, the model still fits on a medium base), but to me that is not surprising for a PP model. They are indeed expensive miniatures.

    One thing that I find a bit annoying with this model is having to connect the torso-arms-scythe. Not easy to put together, especially given the relatively small surface area at each connection. Not the best design in my opinion, which is rather rare for a PP model.