LORE (Light-On-Rules-Engine) Indiegogo campaign going on now

By Polar_Bear
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Jun 9th, 2014

Stone Soup Entertainments and a campaign for LORE, the Light-On-Rules-Engine RPG, up on Indiegogo now and looking for some funding love.



From the campaign:

The Light-On-Rules-Engine is a quick and simple tabletop gaming experience designed to allow for limitless customization and endless hours of unique game play. For the last year, we at Stone Soup Entertainments, LLC have been creating the bare minimum of rules needed so that the game can be picked up and played by both veteran and first time role players. The final result has been a game system that can be molded to any type of game world or quickly adapted to a game world that you have already established. This last year has seen the company Stone Soup Entertainments, LLC become a hard earned reality so that we would be able to construct a viable “launch pad for dreams.” Overcoming what obstacles we have come across, we have been able to construct our first product that we wish to launch into the gaming community. We are actually 90% of the way to completing our launch, but this last stretch is so important that we are going to need the help of the community now more than ever.

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  • odinsgrandson

    I feel that I’ve seen hundreds of “rules-light” systems ready to revolutionize role playing.

    They’ve been fun for one offs or super short campaigns, but for a long term campaign, I feel I need one of those robust systems with rules for many things.

    • Soulfinger

      I buy games like this just for the cover art . . . but I don’t see it as so much of a heavy/lite rules paradigm. A good rule set establishes the fundamentals in a clear and concise way, which is to say that the editor’s role is as important as that of the author. Ladle away all of the gravy and you have that elegant mashed potato skeleton of core mechanics with balanced (or thoughtfully imbalanced) odds and probabilities. The ‘robustness’ then is just interpolation, conveniently filling in the details that you could otherwise have figured out yourself and swaddling that in fluff.

      At my age, I don’t need the fluff, although I enjoy it with something like Shadowrun. I usually draft up my campaign settings on the way to the game and run everything ad hoc. The handy thing about a defined setting and rule set though is that it sets expectations for the players and provides a built-in sense of advocacy. They don’t get halfway through a session only to discover that you based the game on Alien Nation and all of the oceans are battery acid. The handy thing for me is to feel enabled. For example, there are books that list 500 types of firearms, and then there are books that enable you to pick up any firearm guide and adapt the full contents with minimal fuss.

      Then again, at my age, the game is not as important as the booze for a great night of gaming.

      • grimbergen

        Alien Nation on the seas of battery acid? I with my DM was that awesome…oh wait, I’m usually the DM…no wonder my campaigns have sucked. When are you going to kickstart that scenario book?

        I’d love my miniature games to advocate for me one day also!

        • Soulfinger

          @ grimbergen: In the movie, Alien Nation, salt water was like battery acid for the newcomer aliens. There’s a scene where these criminals throw and alien into the ocean, and the alien has a really awful day . . . or a great one, I suppose, depending on his religious outlook. Shyamalan lifted the concept for his movie, Signs, but he forgot the salt part, so as this site phrases it, “From the aliens point of view; 70% of the planet surface is covered by a fatal, skin-dissolving acidic liquid that also permeates the atmosphere, frequently falling from its skies like rain. All the local flora and fauna are suffused with the acid, with the crowning example being a sentient apex predator that bleeds, spits and excretes the substance through the skin through physical activity. So, uh… WHY did they pick Earth to attack?”

          Your miniature games do advocate for you, in that there are rules you can cite when someone else is cheating. Nobody can just say, “I win!” as the author(s) of the game are there in proxy to mediate any session. The effectiveness of that advocacy is in how well the rules are laid out, how accessible they are to you, and the concreteness of their interpretation.

          • Oh, and don’t forget about Signs that the aliens know the world is literally sloshing around with that acid and they choose to invade while naked.

      • Heh.

        Hope my players don’t find this, but my last several sessions of D&D I ran, I was coming up with the enemy’s stats on the fly. I was at least consistent (so, for example, once I’d said that they hit AC 16, I kept it at AC 16 for the whole fight), but I wasn’t actually using any entry out of the MM for anything they fought. It was just “hmm… I want these guys to hit about this hard and have about so many HP and to be about this hard to hit” and so forth and so on. 😛

        • odinsgrandson

          Yeah, I’ve run most of my campaigns that way. I’m still not sure how to calculate CR.

          By the way- check out Dawn of Worlds for a cool way to generate a setting with your group. I’ve done it a couple times (we added a GM veto rule).

          • Well, it’s my firm belief that every RPG book ever written is pirate voice more like guidelines, anyway /pirate voice and use them as such. If I want an alien to land in my high fantasy setting, so be it. Just roll the dice and let the DM sort it out.

          • Soulfinger

            Yup. The party runs into a group of purple-skinned, orange-haired orangutan-like creatures . . . which use orc statistics. Then the party runs into a group of bananas in pajamas type creatures . . . which use orc statistics, and so on. Nobody on the other side of the GM screen will ever know the difference.

            And if you want an alien to land in your high fantasy setting then you should be playing 1st ed. AD&D!

          • I’ve got a 3.5 group right now… I might have aliens land just for smiles and giggles next session…
            plots and plans

          • Soulfinger

            You can do the Tom Cruise War of the Worlds aliens that sent their forces to the planet millions of years before and bury them underground in anticipation of there being sentient beings and cities to invade at some future time. Your players will enjoy how it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

          • Soulfinger

            Or probably more helpful, here in the WOTC LINK for 3.5 edition Return to the Barrier Peaks with blaster stats and what-not, and then the Return to the Temple of the Frog module.

  • [email protected]

    Hello there. My name is Sean and I’m the creator of the Light-On-Rules-Engine. I wanted to add some things in the comments here to expand on what L.O.R.E. hopes to achieve.

    The Light-On-Rules-Engine is just the first step on our journey. The rulebook is there to show what the base mechanics of the game are to quickly get future players acclimated to the system. The majority of the funds raised via Indiegogo will go towards completing the scenario books entitled War Powers and Looking Glass.

    War Powers is a pseudo-futuristic setting where people with super powers dominate everyday life and where military actions are governed by a board of directors rather than a central government. The first module centers around a group of soldiers working for America’s Rapid Response Operational Warfare Service (A.R.R.O.W.S.) as they try to find the people responsible for a brutal killing.

    Looking Glass is a high fantasy setting that takes place during World War I. The German army has pushed their way into the realm of Wonderland and try to manipulate the barriers between worlds in an effort to tip the outcome of the war in their favor. As the barrier weakens, random people are constantly being drawn in to this surreal landscape and find themselves in the middle of a war on two fronts. It’s up to them to decide how they wish to get home.

    I hope this helps illustrate what the team at Stone Soup Entertainments, LLC wishes to accomplish with the Light-On-Rules-Engine and ask for your support wherever possible. Thank you!

    • Soulfinger

      I was actually just thinking of you guys the other night when I found my son’s Stone Soup story book. Looking at it, I realized that although it is billed as having a cooperative moral, the story itself is about someone (soldiers in the 1947 Marcia Brown edition) tricking others into giving something for nothing. At its heart, it is a tale about a scam.

      I had thought something like that when I first saw your project page with its exorbitant goal of 25k for what appears to be a thin softback with an indeterminate page count and no cover art. There’s no hint of anything about the game on the page, just vagueness and fuzzy sentiment. What you have just now posted is far more than I learned about the game from the Indiegogo campaign, which is not a good thing. Where are the sample illustrations for this 90% complete project? The game play examples? The projected specs, like page count, binding, etc.? Where is all of the information that proves you can produce and deliver a quality product?

      My impression from what you’ve said is that the bulk of the 25k raised is going to go toward living expenses while you complete the next two books. You may want to reconsider your business model and approach things one project at a time, because detailing your goals for the future while only giving a hazy impression of your present undertaking isn’t the way to go about it.

      • [email protected]

        The bulk of the money raised will be going to hiring full term art teams and writers rather than working on individual commissions as we have been forced to do. All the examples have been placed on our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/StoneSoupEntertainments as well as most of our updates. Current examples of our gameplay as been done via live streaming on Twitch.tv (I’ll provide links below).

        The reason for the soft paperback copy is that that is the base look of the rulebook totals just under 50 pages and will come in 2 paperback formats and 1 hardcover format. The Standard, Deluxe, and Founder editions are explained via the rewards on the page and will have examples up when they are completed.

        The Indiegogo page as well as the Facebook page is updated regularly with examples of the game in action as well as what is in store later on. If there is anything that you wish to see, don’t hesitate to interact with us. We are always willing to provide more than we have already posted in future updates.


      • Nightbee

        Dude, it’s been in development for MORE THAN A YEAR! What else do you want?