Lone Wolf Development starts Kickstarter for Realm Works RPG Campaign tools

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Jan 23rd, 2013

Lone Wolf Development has launched a Kickstarter for their Realm Works RPG Campaign tools array. Could your RPG group run more smoothly?

From the campaign:

How many times have you struggled to keep your tabletop RPG campaigns completely organized? Have you ever lost track of what your players have and haven’t learned? Is “real-life” limiting the time you have to prepare for games? Do you waste precious time during games searching for details from previous sessions, some of which occurred months or even years ago? These challenges, and others, are what we set out to solve with Realm Works.

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  • I was interested until I saw that you had to buy the program, then buy a subscription for cloud based storage.

    • mgehl

      If you’re only going to use the program yourself, and won’t be sharing the content you create with your players (or if you’d only share it on a second monitor attached to your own computer), you won’t need cloud storage and won’t need to pay for it – you can keep everything on your own computer. Cloud storage is only needed if yor players will be logging in to the cloud server using their own player clients to review the campaign data that’s been revealed to them or write their own journals of the game.

  • There are too many free alternatives that do similar things at this point. I’m sure the program will be top notch with a much better user interface, but I can’t justify it myself. Others will, though, as it’ll do a great job.

    • Ghost


      Besides, the description claims that it’s already been developed and ‘slated’ for release in July – so the $100k they are asking for is to “accelerate our current development efforts and pack more features into the product for its public release”.
      So… Lone Wolf get paid to promote their software on Kickstarter and hold back features if we don’t pay now.

      mmm no thanks.