Lobster Men available to order from stock at Tor Gaming

By Polar_Bear
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Mar 7th, 2013

Tor Gaming now has their Lobster Men available over in their Webshop.
They look more like Crab Men to me, but what do I know?

From the announcement:

The Caridea and the King Kendro, two of the packs in our The Cabinet range, are now available to order from stick via our webstore

The Caridea: Pack of 5 metal, 20mm – £7.50

King Kendro: Pack of 1, 28mm resin – £7.00

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  • Henrix

    You can see it on the back plates – crabs have a single shield on the top (the tail is hidden beneath their body) while lobsters are segmented. (Just think of an ECW lobster helmet.)

    Also, lobsters are much tastier.


    • I actually disagree on the “tastier” bit. I much prefer crab to lobster.