Lobster Men available to order from stock at Tor Gaming

Tor Gaming now has their Lobster Men available over in their Webshop.
They look more like Crab Men to me, but what do I know?

From the announcement:

The Caridea and the King Kendro, two of the packs in our The Cabinet range, are now available to order from stick via our webstore

The Caridea: Pack of 5 metal, 20mm – £7.50

King Kendro: Pack of 1, 28mm resin – £7.00

  • Henrix

    You can see it on the back plates – crabs have a single shield on the top (the tail is hidden beneath their body) while lobsters are segmented. (Just think of an ECW lobster helmet.)

    Also, lobsters are much tastier.


    • I actually disagree on the “tastier” bit. I much prefer crab to lobster.