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By Polar_Bear
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Mar 24th, 2014

Conflict Roleplaying wants to get more color in your gaming sessions and so they’ve come up with Combat Description Cards to help make your turn more interesting than, “I hit. 10 damage.”


From the campaign:

We’ve all been there. You’re running your favorite table-top RPG and it’s combat time. You roll the dice, hit, then calculate damage. What does the GM say?

“You hit for 17 damage.”
What will he say next time?
“You hit for 16 damage.”

The rest of the game is so imaginative, so immersed in the world; let’s not let combat be the one thing that breaks the flow. Instead, we propose enhancing your combat narrative with this easy-to-use descriptive card deck.

Is your player using a blunt weapon? Imagine pulling the Blunt card and simply selecting one of the actions description listed right there on the card. Read it aloud, filling in the specifics as you need. And suddenly, you’re breathing life and excitement into your combat (just as you’re taking it away from someone in the form of HP).

Then, if the damage dealt by the player is going to finish the enemy off, there are Death descriptions for that as well, conveniently marked off by a skull-icon. Read off the Death description and give your player a thrilling and vivid description of their combat triumph!

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  • lochmoigh

    This was done with Middle Earth Role Playing over 20 years ago.

    • Soulfinger

      Which is to say ICE’s Rolemaster system. Then again, I invented a similar system called “My Imagination” about 30 years ago. Seriously, any GM worth his/her salt should be able to prattle off purple prose at the drop of a hat. It doesn’t take much gray matter to say, “Your mace comes away dripping with blood and teeth” or “Well, that guy won’t be having kids anytime soon — not because you castrated him. It’s more of a decapitation issue.”

      Then again, looks like they ran up over $12k from people with narrative deficiencies in 9 days. Now, they can all share the excitement of those gamers of yore, “You hit. Uh, let me check the card . . . and uhhh . . . your weapon arm tingles from the impact. Okay, you also hit. Let’s see . . . you slice — wait, that’s for a sword. You have a mace right? Okay . . . your weapon arm tingles from the imp — oh wait, let me draw another card, because this deck is as limitless as my imagination.” WAY better than “You hit for six damage.” Although I do like the door tag that says, “Nerds Inside: Please Humiliate.”

      • KelRiever

        Again, you belittle this bold endeavor. Who says you know what is on the cards? Maybe, beyond the picture, they say something like:

        “Verily you bring your steel mace down upon the crown of your foe with the savage might of a posessed man. One posessed of courage, strength and a humiliating pain within his bowels that begs to escape! Upon thy foes head, your mace doth smash, shattering the very noggin that once fueled your foes own incessant rage; that very rage which not only moments ago caused him to taunt you, your mother, and your dearest bellyshirted love elf…which we might add is standing next to you with ample cleavage and who would otherwise fatally distract you if it were not for said taunt…ANYWAY, such is the force of the shattering that blood, hair, skull fragments, and brain bits are flung amongst you, your companions, and their cleavage. This blow is so profound that none question your strength, let alone your verility. You are a mighty warrior indeed!”

        Now, see, you can’t just prattle that off! That takes serious work! I reckon $12,000 for such prose is mere peanuts for the joy those words bring.

        • Soulfinger

          Nope. That doesn’t come close to what they actually say:

          “A ragged and savage cut slices deep into your opponent’s body . . . the pure savagery of your downward stroke ends with your opponent lying in parts.”

          “With a stylish twist, you send weapons spinning right into your foe . . . with a sudden sidestep, you end your enemies life with admirable style.”

          “Your foe fails to defend against your deceptively quick jab . . . a deceptive cross-blow baffles your foe, granting you a swift finishing blow.”

          600 unique phrases divided among three categories, means that a single character using one weapon type (and not accounting for the further subcategories for ranged attacks) would exhaust all possibilities in 20 ten-round combats. A 6 person party with an even split of weapon types would therefore exhaust the deck after 10 such combats, and this is assuming that the enemies are just “hitting for 8 points of damage.” So, $25 for a product guaranteed to leave the players saying, “But I already deceptively quick jabbed the flail snail on the first level of the dungeon!”

          ICE had at least covered all of the bases. With this thing you ‘treacherously bludgeon someone until their fluids splash out of their appendage,’ but then the fireball “hits for 16 damage,” likewise the lightning bolt, clawing and biting, and so for.

          Key thing to note is that $1k lands you on the cover of the box, so any of you XXXXL morbidly obese neck beard types wearing Cheetos stains like a skin condition, get cracking!

          Past that, I’d love to see everyone try and beat Kel’s combat quote there. That would be a fun contest.

          • I’m gonna sit on my hands til this has become the standard and launch a campaign to “streamline your game”. Here is a taste:

            “You killed the beast – rejoice.”


            “You are dead, deal with it.”