LITKO releases new Modern Naval tokens

LITKO have released a set of tokens and markers for use in modern naval wargames.

Modern naval tokens

From their announcement:

LITKO Releases a Whole New Series of Modern Naval Command Tokens, Markers & More.

LITKO let’s you take command on the high seas from Jutland to Coral Sea. Whether you are playing a game of “cat-and-mouse” between Captain’s of U-Boats and British Destroyers, engaging in a battleship broadside exchange in the South Pacific, or tracking the Bismarck in the Denmark Strait at night – LITKO has unique and vibrant command tokens and markers to help you Upgrade Your Game!

No fewer than nine new product sets are available, including the mega-pack TS169 which gives you great variety for your gaming needs. Others sets include submarine combat, naval night fight, ship’s helm commands, wreckage sets for sinking battleships, fog banks for weather scenarios, and even a nautical themed dice tower.

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