LITKO releases new Age of Sail accessories

LITKO have released a new series of Age of Sail combat tokens and markers.

Age of Sail accessories

From their announcement:

“Beat to Quarters!” “Man the Guns & Prepare Boarding Parties!” For those who love to game the swashbuckling age of sail on the high seas – LITKO offers a half dozen new products to Upgrade Your Game!

Our new Age of Sail Combat Set features over 60 primarily wooden components that provide practical command & tracking tokens to enhance the game while capturing the nostalgic theme of this bygone era when men ruled the seas in tall ships.
Components include a Classic Wooden Compass, sail attitude tokens to indicate if the ship is at “Full Sail,” “Battle Sail,” or “Grappled,” along with “Flag Ship” tokens.

Additionally, this set comes with long-boat tokens marked “Landing Parties,” “Shore Battery” markers, “Oars Deployed” tokens to note what ships are operating with oars in the shallows without the aid of sails, and cannon load tokens. The “Cannon Load” tokens allow you to keep track of what exactly is being loaded and fired. These include: “Chain, Hot Shot, Ball, Shell, Grape, & Reload” tokens.

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