LITKO releases Age of Musket tokens

LITKO have released tokens for gaming in the Age of Musket.

Age of Musket tokens

From their announcement:

LITKO now offers command tokens for wargaming during the Age of Muskets (1600’s thru 1800’s). A combination of nostalgic wood tokens and markers, coupled with vibrant acrylic tokens will enhance any Napoleonic, Seven Years War, American Revolution, British Colonial, or American Civil War game scenario.

Our new Age of Musket Token Set allows you to clearly identify which units have fired, which are reloading (Tokens look like mini-balls-how cool is that.), and how many rounds they have left. These new tokens also identify if native units have “Thrown Spears,” or “Fired Arrows.” The combined Combat Set -TS172- also contains “Fixed Bayonets” counters so you know which units are entitled to a close combat bonus. This set also includes “flag” tokens to help differentiate and clearly identify Light Infantry, Regulars, Grenadiers, and militia units which may not be obvious from the paint jobs.

The new LITKO Age of Musket Artillery Set (TS182) now allows you to identify the specific status of any gun, or battery. Tokens include “Limber,” “Unlimber” and “Spiked” in addition to the load types…”Shot”, “Shell,” “Canister,” “Dbl Cannister,” “Grape Shot,” “Hot Shot,” and “Reload.”

LITKO is committed to helping you to Upgrade Your Game!

These are available now from, and our authorized retailers.