LITKO Game Accessories Preview of New 28mm Building Coming in 2012

LITKO Game Accessories previews a building that will be offered in 2012:

From their post:

News Story New wood kit 28mm Police Station is one of several new buildings scheduled to come out in 2012. This is just a preview of products for your modern urban landscape.. This product is not yet available.

  • Wow, that’s impressive. The classic look will make it very useful in numerous settings. Have you considered a bombed out/post-apoc version?

  • Robert

    Wow! Very nice! I am sort of scared to see the price though.

  • leonmallett

    I really like that, and think it will make a superb addition to my set-up.

  • Space Ghost

    It DOES look expensive, but this is still great news; happy times for 28mm wargamers! It does look like it might come apart on each floor…..