LITKO offers superglue Debonder

LITKO is now selling superglue DebonderDebonder.

From their announcement:

Did you know LITKO sells “Debonder” for super glue so you can get your fingers “unstuck?” It can also help to get items “unstuck” that perhaps didn’t go together like you hoped. A useful tool…order yours today.

  • cybogoblin

    Aw man. Now I won’t have to prise my fingers apart with a knife anymore. Where’s the fun in that?


    Seriously, good idea for a product.

  • Xenon_Wulf

    Anyone know how efficient this would be in cleaning up dried glue residue off the surface of a plastic model?

    • winter

      Beware it eats styrene. My LGS sells the same brand and it works great for fingers, resin or metal but don’t get it anywhwere near styrene.

  • cheaky

    Acetone works great for removing superglue from metal (especially when rebasing 6mm infantry!). Would not recommend using it for plastics, unless of course you want melted plastics!

    • Zac

      Acetone is nasty stuff. I’d not work with it without a mask or outside.

      Simple Green can eat away superglue as well but it does take a little while to work on your fingers 🙂