Litko now offers custom-made dials

Litko is now offering to make you custom-made dials for whatever purpose you might need them. Keep track of vital info.

From the update:

Just like the LITKO BaseMaker Program, customers can design their own dials for use as turn trackers, casualty trackers, ammunition trackers etc. Create your own text, and select your own colors. You can find this program in the Custom Products Section at

  • TomasT

    “Wounds left” is what spontaneously came to my mind…

  • Osbad

    I’m still looking for something that will nicely track wounds taken in Kings of War. I use d20 at the minute, but they do get knocked over easily, which is a problem. These are nice, but their limit of 10 puts me off.

  • Osbad… email Jim Hartman, our designer and let him know hat you might want ( This is a product line in flux and we are always looking for suggestions.