Lightning and Fireball Dice up on Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Accessories
Mar 5th, 2014

Cosmo-Joe has a Kickstarter campaign up and running for custom-made dice with lightning and fireball emblems on them. They’ve made their funding goal already, so it’s stretch goals for 18 days.


From the campaign:

Fireball, Lightning Bolt Dice….

What more need I say?

So, there you are; at the table. Your wizard is ready to lay waste to a group of goblins. You cast your fireball at the goblins assembled, and roll your dice: a set of Fireball dice you got from a Kickstarter project. The dice fall to the table. Each one shows the fireball icon indicating a “6”: Max Damage.

I’ve always wanted to reach for a set of special dice for my fire and lightning spells. If you want these awesome dice too; get them now, and thanks.

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  • blkdymnd

    So, it’s a Kickstarter to take orders from Chessex at an inflated price? No thanks, if I need Chessex custom dice, I’ll order them myself.

  • Major_Gilbear

    “Fireball, Lightning Bolt Diceā€¦ What more need I say?”

    And then he goes on to waffle about them anyway; Whoop-de-doop.

    I suppose the only good thing is that if you just want one or two, you can get them here instead of a much larger minimum order number from Chessex.