Leviathans FAQ

By tgn_admin
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Jun 3rd, 2011

Catalyst Game Labs have posted the first iteration of an FAQ for their upcoming Leviathans VSF game.

  • Grim6

    I like the theme, the latest model shots look nice, and the contents of the starter boxes looks impressive. However, I finally got around to looking at the QSR, and my impression is that this game will exceed my threshold for crunchiness. It looks good if you are looking for a detailed simulation type game, but it also looks like it will take a heckuva long time to play. Anyone tried the QSRs yet?

    • Brant

      Honestly, it’s really not that crunchy. I played the demo event thing at the last Gencon and within the like hour/hour and a half time the group learned how to play and were playing with little assistance. I’ve been looking forward to this since then, and even owning Dystopian Wars will still probably pick it up because it’s pretty different as far as game play goes.

  • youlooklikeanail

    I was very excited about this game, last year sometime. My gaming group was set to give it a try but in the meanwhile Dystopian Wars came out, and we all got hooked on that, and now there’s just no room for it, however pretty the ships look. Leviathans missed the boat. Given how popular DW seems to be right now I suspect we’re not the only ones.

    • PanzerKraken

      Don’t know why people say this, the games are very different from each other. Some theme elements might be similar, but the games have very different focuses and style to them.

  • keltheos

    Most folks looking at Leviathans were looking for ‘a’ VSF/steampunk game. They weren’t looking on the merits of the core focuses and style, but the vibe/setting. DW has taken the ‘slot’ they reserved for that type of game regardless of how different the systems/focuses are. I know our group felt that way when DW hit the shelves and we were still waiting on Leviathans.

    “and now there’s just no room for it” as youlook said. It’s the time/interest factor vs. the games being different.