Leviathans expansion posted

By tgn_admin
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Feb 14th, 2011

Avalon Game Company have posted an expansion to their Leviathans Victorian Sci-fi rules.

From their website:

This expansion to the Leviathan game system adds new options and new abilities, allowing you to expand the game into new directions.  All the rules added in this expansion are optional, and may be used only if both players agree to their inclusion.  Within this expansion you will find new abilities for Infantry as well as new templates and scenarios.

  • Grim6

    For clarity sake, this is different than the Leviathan’s game being developed by the Catalyst / Battletech people, right?

    • Zac

      It is not the same game.

  • Veritas

    I’m getting confused by these two. Not jokingly. Two Victorian sci-fi games with the same name really is confusing.

  • Is the PDF $4.99 for 14 pages?

    • Zac

      Appears to be