Leviathan miniature previews and release date

Catalyst Games Labs have a new post on the Leviathans blog showing the CAD renderings for some of the miniatures from Leviathans and also discussing a release date for the game.

From their website:

However, despite all those years of experience and even a few box games, they all pale beside what we’re trying to accomplish with this box set. The size and quality of the miniatures, the unique components that not only will make the game easier to experience but help accentuate the Steampunk/VSF aesthetics, the amount of printed material in the box…all of these have been…well, to be honest, kicking us in our respective rears. As such, even without the internal work-over, I’m not convinced we could’ve published this year and still present a boxed game we’d be proud of and that would help launch Leviathans as it deserves.