Leviathan blowout happening now

By Polar_Bear
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Feb 21st, 2014

DreamForge Games is offering both their 28mm and 15mm scale Leviathans at a special price over in their webshop.
My two are more than just models, they’re treasured possessions.


From the sales sheet:

I am running a deep discount sale on the Leviathan Crusader; 15mm and 28mm through February 28th
The 28mm scale Crusader $75.00
The 15mm scale Crusader $33.00
* The additional weapons arms for this kit are expected in Q2 of this year.

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  • Tamwulf

    Awesome! Might have to pick up another one then. For those on the fence about this model- don’t be. It’s awesome! All the joints are fully articulated, and you can pose the Leviathan Crusader into just about any pose you want. All the arms and weapons are available as well, and you can easily magnetize and swap out the arms as needed (DFG designed the model that way on purpose).

  • Nosaj Verush

    I assume this sale comes in response to GW’s anticipated and now actual release of its mini titan. I hope that it does not reflect nervousness on the part of the DF folks. If they are nervous, it makes me nervous for them. Their stuff is so fantastic! I want them to thrive and keep producing great stuff. It’s seems their mini titan is superior in many ways, just perhaps not as fluffy. But I like its less gothic look. Makes it more useful. It’s great when a model that transferable is useful in other games. Anyway, I say to DF, have no worries. We thing you are great and will keep sporting you! In fact, I am going to place an order just to show my support. Cheers!

    • 4tonmantis

      They’re not nervous.. Mark even posted on BoLs that he’s going to be picking one up.. I think it’s more about capitalizing on an opportunity. People aren’t dumb and many people have been looking for a reason to buy a Leviathan but it just isn’t quite the size of a Warhound but is too big for a Dreadknight.. so.. opportunity knocks.. It just so happens, opportunity allows a full force organization chart of Leviathans..

      I like the look and flexibility of the GW kit.. but there’s no way I’ll pay $140 for it.. not now or ever.