Let’s go Off-roadin’!

By Polar_Bear
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Apr 17th, 2014

MaxMini has released their new ATV Quad Bike over in their webshop.
Just don’t fly off and break your coccyx.


From the release:

MaxMini.eu released ATV Quad Bike kit. It can be assmebled in on of the 2 versions: either one-manned, or with a gunner platform.

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  • 4tonmantis

    I was hoping the new IG would have something like this.. I wish the guns or whatever those things are on the fenders looked a little more believable.. I might just stick with my original plan and buy those Airfix 1/48 quads..

    • Soulfinger

      Wouldn’t that have been nice. Remember when the IG had bikes and land speeders and stuff?

      • Riquende

        What do you mean remember? My Epic Guard still have them. Mind you, I stopped following 40K after 2nd ed…

        • Soulfinger

          Did they have them still in second? Epic IG are great! Such diversity, as opposed to more recent editions where Cadia appears to supply 90% of the universe’s cannon fodder.

          • Riquende

            I’ll be honest, I only had marines in 28mm scale, I don’t recall the Guard vehicle options after 2nd hit. Hover bikes! They existed. Remember the Orgus flyer? Ah, memories.

            Incidentally, you’ll be telling me Squats can no longer ride hoverboards next.

          • Soulfinger

            That’s one thing I love about Forge World, all of the retro kits they are doing. They did the “Javelin,” which was that RT speeder scratch built from a deodorant stick. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do an Orgus some day.

        • 4tonmantis

          I’m so strongly debating scrapping all my newer rules and rolling our gaming back to 2nd ed or RT. I am pretty sure I still have all the books for both.

          • Soulfinger

            I think that, and then I remember the RT rules for a shuriken catapult in the hands of a BS 5 model.

          • 4tonmantis

            lol, true.. and shenanigans with Parry.. or a virus bomb before the game starts/first turn

          • I once lost a game of 2nd edition before Turn 1 due to Virus Outbreak. My rampaging horde of orks all called in sick with the flu.

          • Soulfinger

            Of course, when the virus doesn’t take you out then it is squig catapults and gretchin firing lines to victory.

          • KelRiever

            Our virus bomb card was ripped in half by its owner.

      • 4tonmantis

        Ah, one can dream. I tried pointing out on BoLS that there are quite a few civilian Land Speeders in the 40k universe as well as the Valkyrie.. and a power source small enough to run a Sentinel.. so there’s literally no reason the IG shouldn’t have them like they used to. Of course everyone thought this was nonsense.. The lack of bikes/quads though is complete nonsense. I guess it would be simpler to make gas masks for the horses or pressurized space suits..

        GW is so dumb..

  • Dr.Falkenhayn

    hm,not a bad Model,however 18Euros seems a bit steep…