Let’s get this Civil War started

Ghost Train Games has their Alternative Civil War Kickstarter campaign underway. Go check it out.



From the campaign:

“Alternative Civil War is a 28mm scale miniature wargame set in an alternate background where impossible science collides with ancient magics and weird beings clash with courageous soldiers on the American Civil War battlegrounds.”

This is a skirmish game of metal miniatures of the finest quality cast by the best professionals in the industry. The game ranges from 6 to 16 models per side. The rules are easy but with a deep tactical component, using one or two 20 sided dice to resolve the actions in a single roll. An elegant system of alternating activations will keep both players on the edge, avoiding long waits while your opponent finishes his turn and creating a swift and dynamic battle.

The game incorporates the mechanism of a Tactical Impulse Pool: a limited resource that will grant you benefits such re-rolling, gaining additional Impulses or activate skills. Players will wonder where and when commit their resources.